Thursday, 12 January 2012

Fire on Babylon: Crack alters’ are activated in un-ruley slaves

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Today I saw a link on a face book wall saying Sinead in danger……..

Someone underneath that had written ‘crack head’.

This triggered fire in me. Flippant, insulting comments on a wall that is supposed to be foe those awake to mind control.

I responded to this comment and expressed the reality that for many Mk Ultra slaves a crack-alter is created at a young age ,so in the event of that slave refusing to cooperate with plans on their lives they can be held down and enslaved to crack and serve a purpose in being a message to others.

I tried to find a way to communicate with Sinead, whilst unknowingly she had written on twitter her contact email address.

But the fire had arose in me a song of hers came to mind ‘Fire on Babylon

I played this whilst structuring this blog and then viewed the link.

I specialize in working with Crack cocaine users see link to my page on Crack/Cocaine
And resultantly learnt of how it is used with MK Ultra slaves’ linkto my page on Mind control

and how it is used to control the general public via using celebs; who are Idols or the youth to identify with and follow. link to page on the overall Matrix

So they promote cocaine as a celebrity drug; consequently removing the cream of the crop. And as crack/cocaine is mostly desired by high achieving personalities, hence the treats to the system are both attracted to and introduced to and previously program to. No one escapes!!!!!!

And when the celebrity whom wont play ball are on the drug the media go to work at orcastrating a public slaughter of any support for the individual. Look how when Amy’s life was taken, they quickly jumped on see we expected it and even though there were other suspicious factors regarding her death, that don’t seem to be being addressed. They eventually said she didn’t have any drugs in her system and that’s why she’s dead!!!!!!!!
I don’t know whether  Sinead is on crack or not but I know I am sick of this way the media play us all into attacking those whom have the potential or are brave enough to use their platform to help overthrow the evil system.

Whilst deprogramming a singer who refused to sell her soul see rabbit-holes-in-mind-control

 although we never got to recall of where crack programme started , she did recall some memories of very young alters , feeling like they had been given cocaine. Also there seems to be some aspect of her life that connects with crack; for in other retrieved memories she sees herself frantically trying to hide a bag of crack whilst being videoed. She was never a dealer nor did she actually use much crack; it was too much for her as she already has hyper active ways. These memories are experienced in another alter.

Days prior to her giving birth to her son ;whilst being my client she recalled memory of his father coming in the night and taking her to another house where he and her brother and wife slapped her womb (9 months pregnant) from side to side; traumatising her and the baby. They then prepared some concoction that she says looked like they mixed so white powder with cocaine.
I think it was the next day whilst I was at healers she called to say her waters had broke, please bring her to hospital.

At the hospital staff was horrid towards her and when she was giving birth the table broke and the midwife on seeing the babies head coming told her to push him back in until she had got her gloves on. Then family members; whom she hadn’t spoken to for years arrived. The brother from the memory of the night before brought her some alcohol. Not that she requested it.
The hospital repeatedly each day took her blood saying they needed to test for anaemia although each test showed she wasn’t anaemic, she felt obliged to cooperate as she was due in court within days for to gain custody back of her daughter up for adoption; against her wishes. Social services were not aware she had been pregnant until they heard reports of the birth. She had managed to hide it at contacts with her daughter; although the foster ‘carer’ commented to her you put on weight.

I will add that health professional had insisted, even against her knowledge that the boy was born one month early, but really he was on time. Born on the 11/11/2000, hence he was 11 on the 11/11/11.

The blood I recently found out is often given to babies born into generational families at birth to get them used to the taste and remember some substance, very likely cocaine has been put in her system too.

I remember first seeing this client in 1996 , after she came off 2 world tours and my sensing of crack users is excellent ,but with her I sensed she was using but she insisted she wasn’t ,even years later she has no recall of using crack around that time. So either it was an alter giving off energy of crack user or she had used unbeknoweth to herself. With alters it gets complicated.

I feel the crack-cocaine alter is put in young also because I was told by my old boss he was given a crack pipe by his uncle at aged 5. He didn’t go on to become a crack user but he may say he isn’t an MKUltra slave but I would beg to differ.

Yes I did recently tell the Black freemasons see blog letter-to-the-freemasons

I wouldn’t do anymore re the singers experience unless they helped move the boundaries between me and her. The result has so far been the boundaries have become tighter but this news has forced my hand; it’s possible it was even orcastrated that way, for the guy who triggered this fire with his comment ‘crack head’ is Black in his profile picture.
But I think cha!!! As long as I put my links with this blog, the truths gonna set us free.

So before people judge, best look again at the individuals and ask do they look like they are fighting against the system of oppression.

Like Sinead stood up against the Pope (who ain't catholic) and paedophiles and her life changed beyond recognition, same for Lauryn Hill.

Support those celebs whom speak out, they are our only route into the realms of the media, the public arena where concepts are constructed and followed.
Joe blog does not stand a chance as you have to have a podium to stand on to be heard.

I leave you with this …it says it all. One Love xxx
Fire on Babylon

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